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Intel Help

Verfasst: Samstag 14. Oktober 2017, 14:48
von Demrottens
I understand that the intel works as follows:

You build intel structures and gain IP (Intel Points)

When you meet a major race you can spend your points to spy and sabotage them, the points you don't spend are points spent in security

You then allocate different percentages of your points for every faction in the type of mission you want in both spying and sabotaging

To sabotage you have to receive spy reports and use that information to harm your opponent

My Problem is: I allocate 50% of my IP in spying one faction, the other 50% is for security
I don't receive any reports, how do I receive reports in order for me to sabotage back? I am playing with 100% security because I don't know how to spy and sabotage

Re: Intel Help

Verfasst: Samstag 14. Oktober 2017, 18:31
von Malle
you can sabotage without prior spying. just allocate e.g. 50% of your ip on the sabotage tab on the major race you want to sabotage. Prior spying is only for special attempts, i.e. sabotage on previosly spied out targets. I would just leave that for later on when you are more familiar with the game.

And don't let internal security on 100% when you want to spy or sabotage. The most important tab is the internal security one. Here the general ip assignment is done. The other tabs like spy and sabotage also have a 100% slider. But that one is for collecting ip per turn to accumulate them to hit the enemy at a special chosen turn later on with a larger amount of ip, understood? ;)

Re: Intel Help

Verfasst: Sonntag 14. April 2019, 20:16
von TheTrogFather
I am also having problems with this.

My security is at 100% and none is being put into other things as I'm not getting any Intel reports. Dispite this I lost my entire fleet as the enemy was successfully sabotaging me on every single turn and stealing my ships!

Even when I tried to work Intel my spies seem to be completely useless and never did anything.

Can anyone explain how the Intel system achualy works as the 'help' is as clear as mud and trial and error is completely failing


Re: Intel Help

Verfasst: Montag 15. April 2019, 21:10
von Malle

When this happens you're overall production is too low compared to the AI empire or in other words the enemy AI is way stronger than you, has more worlds colonized and more workers put into intel buildings than you. The only thing you can do is build more intel structures on all your planets and allocate more workers on them there. If that doesn't work than you probably need to play a new game and try to expand faster and modify your overall expansion strategy to be able to beat the AI intel attempts by having enough intel buildings manned.

Re: Intel Help

Verfasst: Mittwoch 17. April 2019, 17:35
von blotunga
I was planning to nerf Intel on lower difficulties but never got around to it. If I will ever make a new release, I'll do it.