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Re: Welche Rasse würdet ihr einem Anfänger empfehlen?

Verfasst: Montag 22. Juni 2020, 02:42
von UesugiKenshin
If you configure 95% minor alien races, then a BUNCH of minor alien fleets will show up. That means if you choose the Terrans,then you have a high chance of an extremely powerful military. If not, they can be outclassed.

Best all around is the Cartare because their excellent ships, troops, and sabotage.

Re: Welche Rasse würdet ihr einem Anfänger empfehlen?

Verfasst: Montag 6. Juli 2020, 16:52
von DrakonAlpha
HerrderGezeiten hat geschrieben: Freitag 18. Mai 2012, 17:08 Wenn man von BotF ausgeht, so deutet der Rumpf auf die Cardassianer hin.
Ich gehe davon aus, dass die Cartarer eher dem Dominion aus Star Trek entsprechen, nicht den Cardassianern. Liege ich da falsch? Wenn es nicht das Dominion ist, welche Rasse (aus BotE) entspricht dann dem Dominion? Ich weiß, dass es zu den Omega keine Entsprechung aus Star Trek gibt.

I assume that the Cartarians are more like the Dominion from Star Trek, not the Cardassians. Am I wrong? If it's not the Dominion, which race (from BotE) corresponds to the Dominion? I know there is no Star Trek equivalent to the Omega.

Re: Welche Rasse würdet ihr einem Anfänger empfehlen?

Verfasst: Mittwoch 16. September 2020, 09:50
von UesugiKenshin
The major alien races are intentionally not like the major species from Star Trek. In effect, the Omega are like Trill as they are symbiotes living with the species.

In my opinion, if a beginner uses the Omega, and follows my instructions, then the Omega are probably the best species to play.
1. While the Catare have pretty good ships, this and sabotage makes them the easiest to win, but sabotage is a pretty repulsive way to wage war and their ships do better in fleets.
2. The Khaoran are needlessly unbalanced as they have the weakest mechanism for sabotage which is key to winning the game, yet they have the best soldiers and troops. They should be the best at war, but are not as they aren't allowed to fight in a conventional way.
3. The Omega begin with a starbase which can be scrapped for cash. That is how to win. You scrap it and since it can be inexpensively rebuilt, this exploit coupled with rushing the infrastructure, which inflates the value of resources, which you then sell down each turn, nets millions in profit by turn 700. The problem is few beginners would last that long due to sabotage. So far as I'm nearing turn 400, they have a huge advantage in total colonies under their control by more than 40 colonies more than the other species. This exploit ends up vastly accelerating technology so they have better ships and troops. But it's fairly complicated to get this to work.

You turn off the Cartare and the Rotharians and turn off the minor alien races. Why?

The Terrans would absorb the minor alien races (thus creating a "federation", but they would then have some really powerful ship technology. This takes time to acquire through diplomacy. Then in the "ship designer", you reconfigure the ships with advanced minor race weaponry and armor. If you learn all the Level 14 technology and have that, then you would have a fearsome fighting force. But that is taking 700 turns and masterfully controlling resources prices, learning all the tech, and traversing a huge galaxy full of minor alien races. This means colonies are hard to set up as so many choice "M class" systems are already populated. This means extensive terraforming must also be done which slows down controlling the discovered system.

With no minor alien races, then the Terrans can't exploit the minor race advanced technology. So it's a research contest to see who can best manipulate the economy and get the best tech the fastest. That the Omega Alliance running around to meet everyone, I guess like Magellan in history in his voyages.

And they can win IF the Cartare and Rotharians are not sabotaging them as both have better intelligence agencies. To prevent sabotage, the Omega are allied with the Terrans and Heyoun, so not running espionage and sabotage against them, just the Khaoran. Usually by turn 340 this falls apart. This time I'm in the lead as I've made 10 intelligence agencies per system.So far nearing turn 400, I've only had minor diplomatic sabotage of my relationships, presumably by the Khaoran. I'm testing the advanced save game to see if this continues to work. It should as my intelligence agency points in reserve are 130,000.

This is the Achilles' heel of BotE as it generally launches 15 sabotage acts by now per turn which unravels hours or work which breaks the game as a space 4X game.

The Rotharians have cloaking tech plus quite good ships, remarkable internal security and intelligence agencies.

If the Cartare and or the the Rotarians were playing, I doubt they would suppress their sabotage ability and would be doing this without restriction every single turn.

Without the minor alien races, the player or the AI has to win by being an economic wizard, can rapidly terraform and build excessive infrastructure, protect it all by being a field commander, and sabotage his foe and routinely commit espionage, and diplomatically manipulate all the opponents.

That's not something for beginners though. Countless hours went into figuring all this out.

Re: Welche Rasse würdet ihr einem Anfänger empfehlen?

Verfasst: Mittwoch 16. September 2020, 10:02
von UesugiKenshin
A beginner ploy would create a sandbox Terran game (turn off all major alien races) and put an abundant number of minor alien races. Then diplomatically subvert them. Then create starbases and scrap them for cash. Manipulate the resource markets and fight some intense battles late in the game as very tough minor aliens have extensive ships with outstanding weapons. Seemy advanced sandbox game.

Or a beginner would play the Catare vs the Khaoran in a galaxy with few minor alien races and beat them by sabotaging ruthlessly and doing ground force invasions on a largely crippled Khaoran.

If the Heyoun are similar to the Ferengi and the Cartare are like the Cardassians, they should crush them, but the Heyoun get somewhat strong internal security so they would create probably 12-15 intellgence agencies per system to try to stymie them.

Re: Welche Rasse würdet ihr einem Anfänger empfehlen?

Verfasst: Mittwoch 16. September 2020, 10:08
von UesugiKenshin
With all six empires turned on, and default settings, the Cartare probably still win due to sabotage. A clever beginner could best them with the Rotharians using cloaking. It wouldn't work for most though. Diplomatically the Terrans might edge them out. Galactic sabotage is not remotely plausible given the warp speed limitations. Technically in the documentation, they "fold space" like from the Dune novels.