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Read this first!

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The text files are all here: ... ?at=master

However not all have to be translated, only the ones which are also present in the "de" subfolder here: ... ?at=master
Files like startbuildings.txt, startships.txt, starttroops.txt have only initialization stuff, so nothing to translate there. In files like shiplists.txt the descriptions have to be updated.

The main file is ... gtable.xml
and the § character is a placeholder where something else can be inserted. In other files $param$ is used as placeholder and has the same meaning.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.
To test, you can use the Windows or Linux version:
Windows: ... 105&t=2673
Linux: ... 106&t=2678
You can unpack desktop-0.6.x.jar with "jar -xf desktop-0.6.x.jar" and then repack with "jar -cf desktop-0.6.x.jar botedir".
You can unpack, replace the strings in the data directory and then repack to test.

Tech-savvy users can build BotE for desktop using IntelliJ IDEA, just import a project from git and then use gradle to build it.

To make translation easier, buildings can ban be edited using the Building editor, just rename "buildings.txt" into "" first.
For ships use the built-in editor running the game with the "--editor" command line arguments or selecting "Editor" in the launcher.

For major races contact me first to discuss about how your language handles articles etc. and then I will make the necessary adjustments.

Please keep this topic as a general discussion about translation, and use the appropriate language topic for language specific questions.

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