NEW Version of BotE available

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NEW Version of BotE available

Beitrag von grammaton » Sonntag 5. August 2018, 20:08

Hi folks,

blotunga just released a new Version of BotE!

For all who does not know by now, this is a Java-based rework of BotE witch includes real Ship-Battles, Wormholes, Deuterium-Extraction in Space and much more Features and Settings and more to come.

This is the Game we always dreamed of and hoped for and with our support blotunga will finish it :wink:

It is called "BotE 4 Android", but it can be played on Windows, Linux and Android.
So YES, you can Play it on PC like you played the original BotE.


Version history and latest Changes ... er/CHANGES

Release Notes [0.7.49]
- Fixed stations being able to be sent through wormholes.
- Fixed Deuterium mining, ships can now mine correctly in a fleet.
- A small deuterium icon is displayed for mining ships.
- Build destination now correctly resets when the current system is selected as target.
- Fixed wrong number of turns being shown for terraforming.
- Fixed wrong production numbers being shown when manager is active.
- Desktop: Several scrollable windows can now be scrolled when they show up without the need of clicking inside the scrolltable (Empire menu, Load/Save menu)
- Desktop: Double clicking on the worker bar no longer triggers the System Manager on/off on the desktop.
- Updated to libgdx 1.9.9-SNAPSHOT - fixes worker items not being clickable under the scrollbar when the scrollbar is hidden.
- Fixed loading resources from/to transport ships.

Many thx to blotunga!



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